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During the early 1900s, a controversial artist named Marcel Duchamp fought with the conventions of classical art critics everywhere. He believed art to be an intellectual perspective and rejected the purely visual concept of criticism. Due to his tenacity and forthright art works, he opened the road for the obscure and genius artists with new creative artwork everywhere.

The artists who display their work at Body Canvas Tattoo Shop & Art Gallery in Providence, RI, follow in Duchamp’s footsteps with non-conventional paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry art, and photographs. Our artists are influenced only by imaginative and creative ideas, and each has a sound, concept-driven talent.

We are proud to offer open display galleries for all local artists, providing opportunities for each talented artist to showcase their work. From fine art and original paintings to ambiguous depictions of body art, our gallery offers a place to show artistic designs for anyone with inventive art flair.

Our gallery showcases artwork in all mediums, including oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, chalk, charcoal, and pencil drawings, graffiti art, icon painting, junk art, metalwork sculpting, photography, and tapestry art. We are willing to visit with you and let you share any type of art with us to determine placement in our gallery. Creating art takes incredible talent, and we at Body Canvas Tattoo Shop & Art Gallery want to open up the art world to you by showing off your gift to the world.

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