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Our skilled and talented artists at Body Canvas Tattoo Shop & Art Gallery will help design and draw the tattoo you have always dreamed of having. We can customize, creating a personalized design for the perfect work of body art. We want to make a mark with a unique tattoo design that is suited to what you have imagined.

The artists we employ are educated and experienced not only in artwork, but in all the safety procedures and precautions that come with the field of tattooing. We make certain that the sanitary conditions are above the standards of the health department assuring your security and well-being when receiving ink work on your body.

Our artist crew is family, and we welcome you as a new family member. We take care to get to know you while you are here. Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our work. Our experts at Body Canvas Tattoo Shop & Art Gallery are here to help you with tattoo placement so your artwork is unique and is an example of true beauty.

Have you heard the saying that tattooing can become an addiction? This may be true; therefore, we will sit and discuss proper placement, and we will be honest with you if something just may be a little too much.

Appreciative of all types of design, we will go the extra mile to create what you want. We also take the time to go over every aspect of aftercare for your tattoo. You will be given exact instructions, and we even promise to follow up with you after you go home. We want to be absolutely sure your tattoo is properly healing, and that you are happy with the results. For first-rate body art, head on over to Body Canvas Tattoo Shop & Art Gallery for your next piece of tattoo art in Providence, RI.

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Body Canvas Tattoo Shop & Art Gallery

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